Christmas Is Too Commercialised: 3 Reasons Why

Season Greetings Boutiquers!

In the West, it seems Christmas has become too commercialised, moving towards a predominant focus on spending. As a disclaimer, we don't disagree with brands offering Christmas catered products. What we are saying is that the hype around Christmas seems to be to the point where the original meaning has become secondary. The original meaning of Christmas is to celebrate Jesus Christ's birth, delivering a message of hope and giving. These are three reasons why we think Christmas is now too commercialised:

Santa Claus Coca Cola

Santa Claus

With their marketing campaign in 1920, Coco-Cola adopted the original Dutch patron saint of children, Sinterklaas, into what we now call Santa Claus. Santa Claus has now evolved into a big Christmas figure for western society - with a major focus on presents.



With the rise in technology over the years, there's also been an increase in techno-gadgets, which typically cost more than the traditional kid's cuddly toy. Research has shown we spend an average of £438 per year on techno-gadgets on children per year.

 Black Generation

Generational Divide

Research has also found that 61% of parents born in the 1930s typically spent less than £50 on Christmas presents. However, only 14% of parents born in the 1990s spent this amount. This emphasises the previous point that the type of gifts kids want has risen in price. It also hints that there is pressure on parents to buy more.

These points hint that Christmas is too commercialised and that it prioritises expense over other ways you can give - such as investing time with loved ones. This pressure can impact the peace that Christmas is meant to be about! We want you to have a peace-filled Christmas, so getting a beauty product, from our store is completely your choice!

We wish you a very Merry Christmas.

See you in the New Year!

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