Bar Talk: Losing hair? Onion Juice May Just Be The Remedy You Have Been Looking For!

Wary of using harsh chemical products on your hair to stop that inevitable hair loss? Well looks like natural onion juice may be the solution to your hair loss woes!

On average we lose 50-100 hairs per day, however external factors such as stress can cause major hair loss that eventually starts to show. There are countless products out there that claim to be hair friendly but we are aware that sometimes it may be difficult to put all your trust in something filled with chemicals you may never have heard of.



Using onion or onion juice is a natural (and cheap) way to manage hair loss and can especially help with receding hair lines and bald patches. Now we know some of you may be a tad bit sceptical of this method but scientific studies show that applying onion juice or even consuming onions can be an effective method of preventing hair loss. This method has also been tried and tested showing great results in just 30 days. It has even been found that it can reverse the effects of  whitening (gray) of hair due to the high sulphur content. Plus there is no harm in giving it a go as there is nothing harmful in it.

So how exactly can onions help with hair growth? Without boring you with too much of the science involved this is how it works

 Onions have a rich sulphur content which when applied to the scalp can improve the blood circulation. This in turn makes your scalp a much healthier place for hair to grow by providing better nourishment for your hair follicles. The juice from it can increase the strength of the hair and therefore prevents thinning and breakages. So think you want to go ahead and give this natural remedy a go? There are a number of ways you can go about this but below we have listed two of our recommended ways to go about this treatment.



 Onion Juice Scalp-Soaking solution

 What you need:

·1 large onion




What to do:

·Wash the onion thoroughly and peel the outer layers

·Chop the onion into small pieces for grating

·Squeeze the pulp out in a drainer

·Use the juice from the pulp by massaging into your scalp (concentrating on the roots)


How often can you use this treatment?:


Once or twice a week.



 Onion Juice and Coconut Oil pack

 What you need:

·A tablespoon of onion juice

·2 tablespoons of coconut oil


What to do:

·Mix the onion juice together with the coconut oil

·Massage this mixture gently into the scalp and then leave in the hair for 1 to 2


Rinse the mixture out using shampoo

How often can you use this treatment?:

No more than once a week.


We definitely recommend giving this onion juice method a try and we hope this natural remedy works wonders for you!


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