Plans For The New Year? 2021 Where Do We Start?

To say the very least, 2020 has been a challenging year. As we've been dealing with the pandemic for a year, we've become a little used to what that will be like. But with the vaccine just launched, there's a new phase to enter. But, whilst it may be difficult to have typical new years resolutions for 2021, we have some suggested plans for the new year that may be worth looking over:

1. Multiplying Income Streams: Plans For The New Year

passive income streams

With the Furlough scheme coming to an end, many will be left to find extra income themselves.

Freelancing or creating a separate business could be something to consider to add another stream to your income sources.

2. Mental Health

Mental health plans for new year

Many have suffered from mental health this year, with all that has happened.

Make it a priority to implement self-care strategies in your daily routine. Whether it's reading a book or spending time speaking to someone, we need time to relax and give time to things that bring us joy.

The NHS has a talking therapies service where you can refer yourself or ask your GP to. The Samaritans are also available to talk to, day or night at 116 123.


3. Physical Health Plans For The New Year

black girl tying shoes for a run

Taking care of your physical body helps with motivation. In the colder seasons, we can sometimes slip into a rut of feeling demotivated to go outside, especially when working from home.

But it's important to get fresh air, and exercising is a great practical way of doing this. Whether it's a walk around the block or to your local gym, try to make an effort to work out when you can.

We hope these suggested plans help you when journeying through 2021. Wishing you a safe Christmas and new years!

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