Therapy Stigma In The Black Community

Emotional lack is an issue not uncommon in the black community and it contributes to therapy stigma. In lockdown, we've had to face ourselves head-on. Therapy is a way to help us work through issues. This post discusses the possible origins of therapy stigma in the black community and how we can help change this for the better.

What Therapy Offers

two black people talking to therapist

Therapy allows you to talk through issues in life with a professional. Therapists are trained to spot behavioral patterns and as they aren't in your immediate circle, they can offer unbiased advice. This can be very helpful in working towards a solution. Just like physiotherapy, therapy and counseling are designed to improve and, where possible heal, trauma.

Why Is There Therapy Stigma In The Black Community?

therapy stigma in black community

To better understand therapy stigma in the black community, let's consider the background of many black folks in the UK.

Many were from the Windrush generation. Their main focus, when arriving, was to put food on the table. All whilst experiencing harsh accounts of racism.

They pushed through adversity, so therapy becomes viewed as an unnecessary luxury. This same concept then passes down generations.

The problem with this, however, is that when someone from the black community mentions they are struggling with mental health, they can be labeled as 'weak' for even speaking out. The problem is therefore not solved, which creates a vicious cycle.

How Can We Change The Stigma?

therapy stigma in black community

When we encourage each other to seek therapeutic methods to help our mental health, we allow space for healing.

Speaking with a therapist from a similar background to you can help with the tailored advice they give. Black Minds Matter UK and Therapy For Black Girls are two organizations offering this.

For tips on how to practice self-love, read of this post.

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