Underground Hairdressers In Lockdown

Since the global pandemic outbreak, the UK government made the decision to close down hairdressers and barbers to help stop the spread of the virus. However, since then, there have been some underground hairdressers operating in their client's homes to continue business as usual. This blog post investigates this and shares our thoughts.

Insight into Underground Hairdressers

On the British breakfast show, This Morning, Holly Willoughby and Philip Schofield had a camera to back interview with an underground hairdresser and her client.

The underground hairdresser still offering her services claims the government support wouldn't have been enough to cover her living costs.

The hairdresser's client in the interview said she was missing human contact in isolation and felt her mental health was suffering.

This is not just happening in Britain. There have been examples of similar cases in the US too breaking government violations- hairdressers and barbers alike.

Our Take On This

Although the virus has dramatically changed the way we live, this isn't forever. In the meantime, we should strive towards looking for all possible precautions to help us adapt to this lifestyle change.

At Brown Beauty Boutique, we want to encourage our readers and customers that whilst the government guidelines are still in place, please try out self-care routines. It's now the prime time to try out new hairstyles too! YouTube is full of inspiration and guides for this, including for beginners.

If you are a hairdresser, there are other grants and financial support available alongside the government's Self-Employment Income Support Scheme (SISS).

You can check out moneysavingexpert.com for tips on how to save during quarantine and other financial support advice.

We would like to take this opportunity to remind you to wash your hands often, stay safe, and take care.

From The Brown Beauty Boutique.

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