MS Hair Foundation
  See The Difference Instantly!

The Hair Foundation Fibres are an instant solution to hair loss, thinning edges and concealing grey hairs.


        So Easy To Use, It Takes Seconds

The Hair Foundation Kit can be applied in 2 quick and easy steps, with no mess and no fuss!

Step 1: Application

1. Use on dry hair, hold the fibre bottle 3-5 inches over the target area. Ensure you keep the bottle upright

2. Position the Edge Perfector just below the target area next to your hairline

3. Slowly press down on the applicator pump with a gentle touch to apply the hair fibres


Step 2: Style & Finish

1. Use the Edge Perfector or your finger to gently brush and style the hair fibres into place.

2. For a greater hold, use the Fixing Spray to secure the hair fibres to your hair.

3. Position the bottle approximately 3-5 inches above the target area and apply two short sprays, use the Edge Perfector to cover your forehead while spraying.