About Us

What We Do


Women Of Colour (WOC) have been short changed for a long time when trying to locate cosmetics, hair and beauty products that are formulated for our colouring, hair and skin type.   While the position has improved in recent years and the large cosmetic houses are finally waking up to the fact that WOC are BIG spenders in the hair and beauty industry, we still cannot find everything under one roof.

Skincare, bath/body and hair products specifically formulated for WOC with natural curly and kinky hair are so rare on the high street that entrepreneurial WOC have taken to their kitchens and made their own. Many were also suffering from illnesses, ailments, hair and skin conditions caused by using products containing harsh chemicals, additives and preservatives and made the conscious decision to make their own products using natural ingredients.

Many of these women have gone on to form businesses initially selling to family and friends, but it has been noted that the general consumer often has difficulty locating the  products as many are only available online or at natural hair/beauty events. 





What We Believe


We believe that Women of Colour should now be in a position to purchase all their beauty products formulated for their hair and skin type under one roof. We @Bar London - The Brown Beauty Boutique - intend to do this by providing unique luxury natural and organic hair and beauty products online and in store. Our aim is to explore, create and source natural handmade products for the Woman of Colour. We believe in the ability for small businesses particularly BAME businesses to market themselves to a wider consumer audience.


How We Work

@Bar London want to provide a platform for independent beauty brands, giving them an avenue of distribution and awareness through our e-boutique, and to give the woman of colour access to brands and products specifically formulated for their hair and skin type. Beauty shoppers are now discovering our unique beauty buying experience. Visitors are able to purchase natural handmade and sourced items free from harmful chemical and parabens from some of the UK’s most talented entrepreneurs in an intimate boutique setting.