Ayo Beauty

As the founder of Ayo Beauty, I embarked upon this wonderful journey of discovery as a result of something that inexplicably changed my life forever. From that moment onward I became a woman on a mission with a passion to build Ayo Beauty into an iconic brand.
Susan Benjamin
“I have such wonderful memories of my sister Joy and I sitting at her kitchen table and me watching her whip up, as if by magic, amazing potions. I remember the beautiful aromas that permeated the air and now when I smell the “Salute the Sun” fragrance and close my eyes I am immediately taken back to those wonderful times with Joy.

Joy had a wonderful magic about her and I saw the joy she created in everyone who used her beautiful concoctions. This inspired me to start a line of luxurious body care products, and so Ayo (pronounced eye-oh) which means joy and happiness in the Yoruba language was born.”
“I wanted to create the same effect on people that Joy’s wonderful creations had, and so Ayo has been formulated with ingredients renowned for stimulating “happy molecules” and their euphoric effect on the skin. And that’s not all, they are combined with exquisite, unique and unforgettable natural mood fragrances, created by renowned perfume designer Azzi Glasser, to lift the spirit enhance the mood and bring joy. 

That’s what we’re about, feeling joy, looking good and feeling amazing with Ayo. What more could a woman want! 
my sister Joy
My Sister Joy

I owe this all to my sister Joy whose magical spirit is the essence behind the brand.”
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