Luxury products that enhance one’s natural beauty'   

Brysocréma’s slogan from which the birth of the first range B:U was created.

Brysocréma - the cosmetics brand was founded by myself, Nadine Bryan, in 2015. The name was a 'Play on Words' of Bryan, Soaps and Creams (with a French twist) and was the foundation of a home-based brand of natural products for minority ethnic skin and natural hair.  However, my journey did not start there as I had been on a journey of self-rediscovery and reflection for quite some time before (notably in 2012).



The year 2012 was the year the ‘penny-dropped’. Whilst sitting in the final year of my Law degree ‘Wills & Intestacy’, I realised I had nothing in place for my boys should anything happened to me.  I had always been a career driven individual working full-time as a PA in the City, studying part-time with two kids and no support but I was not one to let my situation dictate my life. I needed to step it up to the next level and I asked myself ‘what, where and how?’  

After my graduation, not much in the way of career prospects was happening for me. Having a lot of time on my hands, career stagnating and the hope of achieving my dreams and aspirations on the decline, my personal self-discovery took hold.  Finding interests and hobbies was hard as I had always been a working girl - I didn’t realise I was so boring!

Nonetheless, embracing myself and stripping back the layers, taking the weave out I was taking it back to basics of the needs, access and availability for myself and women of colour (particularly in the UK). So, I started making and creating Hair and Body products that had a high level of natural useful content that not only was moisturising on the outside but was also penetrative to the scalp and skin cells.  I also started researching make-up and more particularly the issues that women of colour face with matching shades and undertones.

After having conducted research and consulted on the Minority Ethnic Beauty Industry, I realised there was no reflective luxury beauty brand within the UK, that was providing a solution to this problem. However, ‘How was I going to create a business from this?’ I needed a vision that would engage the consumer.  

I decided this was to be the starting point to Brysocréma, having created a range which I was already wearing.  The vision of the brand is to produce an opulent, superior, minority ethnic targeted make up range, based in the UK, with a demographic of 18 – 40 years old and meeting the needs and accessibility of such individuals.

‘Luxury products that enhance one’s natural beauty’ – Brysocréma’s slogan from which the birth of the first range B:U was created.

B:U (B:UNDENIABLE) incorporates the company brand’s message whilst celebrating and embracing individuality –  which can never be denied.   Furthermore, the principle is to provide products that encompass excellent ingredients that has moisturisers, anti-oxidant content as well as being lightweight with full-coverage, highly pigmented eye shadows and lipsticks.

B:U is a range that has been formulated and created to meet the needs of all minority ethnics.


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