CLEAN Handmade Cosmetics


My name is Naomi. I’m not good with formalities and I love creating things from other things. I began creating Clean in September 2016 after finishing my masters in Creative Writing at Loughborough University, where I also graduated from my undergraduate degree in English and American Studies the year before. When I’m not making cosmetics I’m researching natural ingredients, cooking up home remedies, finding new music, writing poetry, starting DIY projects and baking (sometimes all at once, I like to be busy).


I believe that everything happens for a reason, and the start of this business is no exception.

I spent years using products that didn’t work for my mixed race hair and sensitive skin, even though the labels said they would. These products made me smell nice and everyone else was using them, so I thought I just had to sit back and accept my fate as someone destined to have hair and skin that looked and felt mediocre.

That was until 2 years ago, when I realised there was no point accepting something that was so easy to amend. I was looking at the products instead of looking at myself and realising I was in control, and had the power to change things.


I began making my own DIY versions of products using natural ingredients, and after an adjustment period (I was used to harsh synthetic chemicals that stripped my hair and skin of moisture), I saw vast improvements. My hair was no longer dry and frizzy, and my skin no longer got itchy throughout the day.



I love the simplicity of nature and how it can provide us with so many beautiful things. After seeing the benefits of using products made with my own hands and feeling closer to the ingredients and the process, there was no going back. I knew I needed to share what I’d found with as many people as possible, and that is how Clean began. Everything about this brand has been created by me from a single vision and strongly reflects my ideology that keeping things simple will always prevail. Buying from Clean is buying from someone who cares and wants to make a difference.

Best wishes


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