Keziah Keren


Keziah Keren cosmetics was founded over two years ago with the aim of providing natural makeup for women with darker skin tones. We have developed our own unique range of natural mineral makeup products, which we deliver to locations throughout the UK. It is our goal to supply cosmetics for health-conscious women of all ages, with any complexion, skin type and lifestyle.


Keziah Keren creates mineral makeup to complement every woman’s unique skin tone. Our cosmetics are made using only 100% pure natural ingredients and all of our products are vegan and halal.

100% Natural - Keziah Keren products are petroleum, paraben and sulphate free and contain no artificial colourants or fragrances. We only use natural plant extracts and raw, unrefined minerals in our products.

Vegan - We understand that Veganism is about more than following a specific diet, it is a lifestyle choice. For this reason, we have created products that don’t contain any animal derivatives such as albumen, honey, bee pollen, beeswax, gelatin or lanolin.

Halal - We understand that halal does not only apply to what we consume, but also to what we use every day. Only our mascara contains alcohol.None of our other items contain alcohol or any animal products. Our products are completely free of any Haram ingredients.


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