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About Margaret Rose


"Margaret-Rose Apothecary was named after my late mother who died at a very young age. She was quite fond of merging different creams and soaps together for a better effect; a habit I inherited which triggered a desire to formulate good quality beauty products.





Shirley Barber


The seeds for this desire were sown from the age of six when I left the UK to live with my maternal grandmother in Sierra Leone. She had a market stall selling roots for health, spices, soaps and African butters. My early recollections include sitting next to my “Grams” after school every day and school holidays whilst she explained the health benefits of her wares to her customers.


Margaret Rose products are made from carefully selected natural ingredients as I believe that nature provides all we need for our health and wellbeing which includes skincare. My aim is to bring you high quality affordable products which are highly effective and beneficial to the skin for a better you. "

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