Shetai Haircare

Why Shetai Hair Care was born

Shetai Hair Care is a UK brand that was created by two sisters that were dissatisfied with the current selection of hair products for people with Afro-textured hair. Shetai Hair Care was created with the desire to make affordable hair care products that will encourage healthy hair for people of African origin. Shetai are very particular in what goes into their hair products - and are known for only using quality ingredients.


What to expect from Shetai's products

Shetai Hair Care has estabilished itself as a hair care product company that creates handmade quality products using only natural ingredients.  Shetai therefore avoid using synthetic ingredients such as mineral oils and parabens. Shetai believe that continuous use of natural products on your hair is much kinder to your hair and will therefore encourage it to grow long and healthy.


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Shetai Hair Care's mission

Help people with Afro-textured hair to achieve and maintain thick and healthy hair. This will be achieved by creating hair care products with natural ingredients that have been used by people with Afro-textured hair for decades; and engaging with our customers in the best ways to use our products as well as sharing hair care tips. Shetai Hair Care's goal is to be successful in knowing that their hair products are making a positive difference to people with Afro-textured hair types.


Shetai Hair Care's goals

  • Make hair care products that will nourish your beautiful tresses,

  • Use all natural ingredients that are kind to your hair,

  • Sell hair care products at reasonable prices,

  • Promote healthy hair regimes.

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