Almocado Cherry Vanilla Moisture Mist 250ml 8oz

Almocado Cherry Vanilla Moisture Mist 250ml 8oz

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Our full sized oil-free hydrating mists are perfect for adding a splash of refreshing moisture to Sisterlocks™, twist outs and braid outs while engaging your senses with fragrant aromas.

Almocado Moisture Mists are carefully blended with Aloe Vera and natural extracts to refresh and hydrate without feeling sticky or greasy.

Key Ingredients:
Pure distilled water (UK tap water can be a little heavy on metals like iron and copper which can attach themselves to the hair strands leaving hair looking dull and lifeless

Moisturising Aloe Vera juice and Vegetable glycerin to help keep that moisture near to the hair strand, like a moist protective halo
hydrolised wheat protein which is able to penetrate the outer layers of your hair strands providing protection and extra moisturise
Each mist also contains a blend of herbal extracts and aromatic essences.