LOG Cosmetics Heads Up Cocoa Mint Shampoo

LOG Cosmetics Heads Up Cocoa Mint Shampoo

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Heads up for LOG Cosmetics 100% natural shampoo which is enriched with a soothing blend of organic peppermint and sweet essence of dark chocolate. Got naturally kinky hair? LOG have you covered with their 100% natural conditioning shampoo. Your hair will be cleansed, revitalized and ultimately moisturised.

How to Use: Shake well and apply to your soaking wet hair. Then Massage your scalp, cleanse your hair, and simply rinse.

Who’s it for: if your hair is Naturally kinky,or you’ve got a rather curly hair textures. Also 3 to 4 type hair textures or you’re in need of moisture and hydration in a shampoo

Fact: It’s got a milky texture with noticeable mint and chocolate scent.

It is absolutely 100% natural