What Is Black Love?

With February being the month of love, we thought we’d feature what love in the black community looks like and what it really means. We hope you had a lovely Valentine’s day with whoever you spent it with this time round, despite the strange circumstances!

In society, the black community are often marginalised and stereotyped surrounding what a black household looks like is often shown to be presented as single-family households. Sadly, there are issues within the black community itself revolving around colourism and lighter complexions being preferred by some black men and there being negative connotations towards darker skinned women.

In more recent years, however, there has been a slow progression towards appreciating darker skinned complexions both in society and within the black community itself. This prompts the question, what does black love look like today?

Black love in couples:

Black love is the authentic union of two black individuals who form a couple. They embrace their culture, complexion and see it as something to be proud of. It’s building a family structure that incorporates these principles and teaches children too to embrace their culture in all forms; their hair, skin colour and more.

Black love in the community:

Black love isn’t just reserved for romantic relationships either. In the past year in particular, there has been an increase in black love across society since the tragic killing of George Floyd. Initiatives like Black Pound Day were set up to support black-owned business and the black economy at large. Things like this help grow generational wealth.

In conclusion, black love is when people from the black community club together to support and embrace one another, whilst also standing proudly in their black identity and passing this baton on to future generations. 

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